ST-ZNJ-I substation smart key management system


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Brief Introduction of Our Company
Nanjing Shengtai DMS Electric Power System Co.,LTD(STDMS) which was established in 1993 is located in Zone 1, Xuzhuang Software Park, No.699 Xuanwu Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environment and GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification. In recent years, it has won a series of titles. The company was identified as re-contract and trustworthy enterprise by Nanjing industrial and commercial bureau. In 2010, it was awarded as China quality credible enterprise member and Jiangsu quality credit AAA grand brand enterprise. And in the same year, STDMS became a director unit of Jiangsu federations of industry and commerce software chamber of commerce. In 2008, it obtained China’s excellent social responsibility enterprise. Series of software products in the DMS power system were awarded as China high quality products. In 2007,it won China quality credit AAA grand brand enterprise. In 2006,it was named as the excellent Chinese enterprises title by China Enterprise Confederation and Jiangsu high-tech enterprise. In 2005, it was awarded as the software enterprise of Jiangsu Province.
Our company is a system revision unit about the high-voltage presence indicating systems and the standards of General specification for preventing electric mal-operation system with computer of electric power industry. It is also the main drafting unit of the standards of the Technical specification for substation automation system for preventing electric mal-operation system in the electric power industry. It is the drafting launch unit of substation lock control system in electric power industry standards.
STDMS mainly engages in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and debugging of the electrical power automation system and products. It is also engaged in electrical power equipments and control system, monitor system, instruments research and sales, computer software and hardware development, transfer, consult, sales and service. Our company's core business is electrical power system application software and integrated circuit development. The managing range of our company also includes ST-ZNJ-I substation smart key management system, monitoring and preventing mal-operation system, STDF-type dispatching mal-operation prevention system with computer, distribution network(substation) single-phase-to-ground combined protection equipment and so on.
The following is our main products and system :JKFW preventing electric mal-operation system with computer, DMS-Online calculation and analysis system of heat efficiency in heat-engine plant, DXW(N)10-1000 high-voltage presence indicating device, ST-ZNJ-I substation smart key management system, monitoring and preventing mal-operation system, STDF-type dispatching mal-operation prevention system with computer, distribution network(substation) single-phase-to-ground combined protection equipment, electrical energy calculation management system, SCADA electric power dispatching system, Distribution transformer monitoring and management system etc. Up to this day, our company has four independent copyright in computer software, two high-tech products, four invention patents and 17 utility model patents.
Our company has a pioneering, practical and sincere team. It has more than one hundred employees, including more than of 10 Ph.D and Master,over20 who has a title of a senior professional post, and more than 90% having college degree or above. All the staff devote themselves to the research, development and service of high-tech power industry. Our products and systems have been widely used in power plant, Grid system, and petroleum, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. They work in about f5000 substations, booster stations and power plants. The users are all over the country. We have numerous partners in all provinces and cities and do our best in the electricity business. Our products and systems win users’ trust by our advanced technology and reliable operations.
we have the tenet of quality first , service-oriented and adhering to scientific and technological ,innovation ,communication. Our company’s culture is "because we are professional, we are so excellent". We pursue a business principles of integrity, cooperation, and win-win . It is our eternal duties to make efforts to country’s electric power industry safety and economic operation. Serving the electric power attentively is our idea.

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II. The Structure of the System…………………………………………………….6 
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V. Locks ……………………………………………………………………………10
VI. Administrator Workstation…………………………………………………....12

I. Overview and Features
ST-ZNJ-I substation smart key management system is used for managing critical areas of access doors ( eg : high-voltage room door , following the security door , security room door , communications room door, office, conference room , data room , staff quarter ) ,various types of equipment cabinet doors ( eg : protection door , monitoring doors terminal box door , mechanism door , HSBC door, frame ladders door ) and all kinds of manual device operating mechanism. You can also manage unlocking key of substation primary equipment and secondary equipment, prevent mal-operation caused by misuse unlock to improve the safe operation of electrical equipment levels, and protect the operation of the substation.
The design philosophy of this system is to adopt a system for unified management of substation / power station with all relevant safety doors or manual device. It strengthens control of personnel access and equipment operations by solving problems of unauthorized access and unauthorized operation, improves efficiency, ensures safety in production, and provide s an effective technical measure.
The system uses advanced computer, communications, industrial control and other technical designs. Compared with traditional access control system, this system is comprehensive and suitable for indoor and outdoor kinds of doors management because of a reasonable structure, perfect process ,good quality , management; flexible and efficient using; small investment , simple installation , easy maintenance ; safety, stability and many other advantages .
Unlocking authority management   Unlock master controlling device divides unlocking authority into seven unlocking privileges based on the different types of users: system administrators, security inspectors, operator on duty, operating personnel, maintenance personnel, sanitation cleaning staff, other unit’s construction personnel. System administrator, the highest level, is the manager of this system, which can use the local controller or a local area communication network in WEB mode to set or change other personnel's authority. Security inspectors, including safety task manager, managers, owners and other staff, have the greatest privilege unlock (open all locks), and query unlocking records. Operator on duty has the largest lock privileges and can locate lock range of outside the unit construction workers and cleaning staff. Lock privilege of operating personnel (the person who is responsible for substation / power plant equipment operation and condition monitoring) is to unlock doors within the purview of the device. Maintenance personnel (the person who is responsible for substation / power plant equipment maintenance personnel) is authorized to unlock doors or within the purview of the device. Cleaning staff can unlock the fixed t area for long-time, or unlock doors set by the delineation of the lock range monitor. Other unit’s construction personnel (refers to personnel of civil construction, equipment installation, equipment maintenance and so on) has no fixed scope unlocking. Before working, the delineation of the lock range monitor fixes their unlock privilege based on job ticket. The permissions are defined and managed by the system administrator according to different applications.
Determine the Scope of the Lock Unlock master controlling device graphically displays all doors or equipments in the scope of management. System administrators can delineate fixed scope of the lock from different levels through a graphical interface; the delineation of the lock range monitor can fix other units’ or sanitary cleaning staff s’ unlock ranges according to job ticket.
Monitoring Unlocking Process  Before taking smart key to unlocking operation, it needs to be identified by the high-resolution fingerprint reader or RFID reader; after confirmation, master controlling device transfer fixed unlock range data to the smart key via smart key / charger transmitted ; then smart key unlocking operation, through this communication, it automatically returns information .
Record and Query Opening or Latching Lock Unlock master control records up to 15,536 unlocking records , after rolling out of coverage . Records include: on dull, unlock objects and time, latching condition and time (some doors or equipments), attempted unlocking objects and time information. It can be saved up to 10 years. You can query records by WEB on the local host computer or through a local communications network. There are three ways to query: officer, time (year, month, day, and interval), the door or equipment. It can form reports or transmitted by web.
Information Security It uses internal network to exchange data (such as surveillance systems etc.) and should not use an external power system communication channel (eg: GSM/CDMA/3G or other wireless communication) for data information exchange in order to ensure security , stability and reliability of data.
II The Structure of the System
The system consists of a PC authorization system, smart key, smart key transfer / charger, locks and other components.

III Lock Control Mastering Host
Lock control mastering host is the master controlling unit of the system. The system uses embedded industrial machine, RFID card, fingerprint, password, and other ways to achieve authentication, chooses authorized unlocking range and transfers to the smart key through the touch-screen operation. Smart key unlocks within the scope of authorized unlocking and prohibits the operation beyond the scope to realize the requirements of authorized unlocking managements.
There are two types which are embedded master and embedded PC. To take embedded master as an example, it consists of the ARM11 embedded computer, 12-inch TFT color LCD touch screen, high resolution fingerprint reader, RFID reader, smart key storage with a gate control, the smart key transfer / charger and other components. Lock control management software is installed inside. The following is its appearance, structural diagram.

Technical Performance Indicators
ARM11 embedded computer
CPU: Samsung S3C6410, ARM11 core, 16/32-bit RISC (simplified instruction ), theme 533MHz; storage space: Memory 128MB, Flash memory 2GMB, built-in 2G SD card; dual-channel stereo: Power 20W; Miniature Microphone: Sensitivity -48 ± 3Db, Frequency Response 100 ~ 10KHz, SNR> 60Db; Communication Interface: Dual 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet, an 802.11g wireless Ethernet, four USB2.0, four Rs232; 
•TFT color LCD touch screen: 12 inches, 1024 × 768 dot matrix; 6.5K color, LED backlight, resistive touch screen panel. 
• High pixel fingerprint reader: a) Pixel: 500dpi; b) Fingerprint capacity: 3000 (optional); c) Record capacity: 50,000 (optional); d) FRR: ≤ 0.01%; e) Recognize False acceptance rate: ≤ 0.0001%; ​​f) Fingerprint Recognition Time: ≤ 1.2s; g) Effective collecting area: 18mm × 16mm;
• RFID Reader: Reader Frequency 125KHz, reading distance up to 120mm; 
• Master can store four smart keys and two emergency unlocking key; 
• Intelligent Key Transfer / Charger: using magnetic coupling principle, no contact, maximum charging power up to 5W, communication speed up 19200Bit / s; 
•It has four Ethernet interfaces in order to extend centralized control applications; 
•It has authorized management function of unlocking key, function of unlock or open the lock and other management functions;
•It has function of user management, privilege management, equipment management; 
• The maximum amount of latching points: 65,536; 
• The maximum number of unlocking records: 65,536, the rolling coverage after exceeding; Information can be longest saved more than a decade; 
• Power supply: AC 220V, DC110, 220V; 
• Standby Power: Built-in 10000mA / h 3.7V polymer lithium-ion battery, which can ensure 8 hours of continuous operation after power outage; 
• Average power consumption: 3W; (Note: Not consider charging power of a key).
• Dimensions: 480 × 350 × 100mm3; 
• Electromagnetic Compatibility: Meets requirements of DL/T687-1999 standard; 
• Lifetime: more than 10 years.
• Environmental condition
• The ambient air temperature 
Maximum temperature: 50 ℃ 
Lowest temperature: -20 ℃ 
• Maximum relative humidity: 95% 
• Altitude: ≤ 3000m 
• Seismic intensity: ≤ 8 级 
• Horizontal acceleration: 0.25g2 
• Vertical Acceleration: 0.125g 
• Protection class: master IP56 smart key IP56 lock IP67 
• Impact of condensation, rain, temperature change, corrosion and solar radiation, solar radiation intensity is based on 0.1W/cm2.
• Unlock Management Software
• It has monitoring and charging power displaying function;
• It has fast authorization capability which is convenient for security, cleaning staff’s daily unlocking authorization;
• It has task authorization capability which can authorize the unlocking range accord to the task and support graphics and tree diagram switching mode in order to the applying condition of authorizing by region.
• It has multi-task operating and management functions;
• It has temporary authorization function which can develop remote temporary authorization function;
• It has recording and browsing function, does filtering and querying statistics by operator or operating time, and records unauthorized operation which attempts to facilitate the management and analysis;
• It has equipment management functions, also can do classified management and authorization the device by region;
• It has voice prompting function.
IV Smart key

•All the configured locks of the system can be opened.
Typical unlock operation process: it determines whether conditions meet the conditions before unlocking by identifying RFID inside locks. After the unlocking operation, it records the concerned operating information. After the smart key transfer/ charger is inserted, record information is given back automatically. 
• Automatically returning record information.
After the smart key transfer/ charger is inserted, record information and RFID unlocking information is given back automatically. 
• Set permissions of RFID electronic lock and read RFID card lock information.
Under administrator’s privileges, enter "electronically controlled lock Permissions" menu of the smart key, enter the RFID code value, in RFID reader zone electronically controlled lock, press the "OK" button to complete the setting; whatever kind of authority is, whatever kind of authority is, as long as the holding smart key is used for unlocking operation, recent RFID card unlocking operation records are automatically read; Under administrator’s privileges, enter "electronically controlled lock Permissions" menu of the smart key, in RFID reader zone electronically controlled lock, press the "OK" button to read all RFID card unlocking operation records.
• Technical characteristics: 
• Use single hole rotary magnetron unlocking mechanism, small size, high reliability, consistent with the traditional habit of unlocking; 
• Use OLED high brightness display, high brightness, contrast, can be displayed properly at -40 ℃; display more than 64 characters; 
• Use unique magnetically coupled communication / charge design to ensure a high reliability of communications and charging, communication speed can be up to 19200Bit / s; 
•High decibel buzzer, four combo keyboard, providing an intuitive and efficient means of human-computer interaction; 
• There are communication, time, display, audio settings, mining code, power queries and other auxiliary functions.
• Low-power design and 600ma / H high-capacity lithium battery which ensure that a charge can unlock more than 3,000 times.
• Industry's smallest key size (61mm high, 40mm wide, 18mm thick), only1/4 size of five-defense computer key, be convenient to be taken;
•Fully sealed design, IP 68 class of waterproof, dustproof which ensures that unlocking operation can be carried out in water;
• Available in a variety of conditions (indoor or outdoor); 
• Electromagnetic compatibility meets requirements of DL/T687-1999 standard;
• Long life, t more than 50,000 times, of unlocking, more than 10 years of using time; 
• Unlimited code, using unique code; wireless picking code, smart key picks code without contact.
•Unlock Keys
• Function of unique encoding;
• With reliable and durable, flexible, convenient, secure and other characteristics;
• Achieve authorized management function accord to the requirements; 
• Under emergency situations can be quickly accessible.

V Locks
Locks include padlocks, room door locks, cabinet locks for secondary equipment, terminal box / mechanism box locks and RFID electronic locks and others. 
◆Padlocks, room door locks, cabinet locks for secondary equipment, terminal box / mechanism box locks. Padlocks, room door locks, cabinet locks for secondary equipment, terminal box / mechanism box locks are “One key in common” lock and can be identified and opened.

Three-position anti-error and changing switch     140 world pole springing lock
◆RFID electronically controlled lock. It is used in office, conference room, library, staff quarters and other places which have confidential requirements. Smart key can authorize RFID electronically controlled lock and search the unlocking information. The information comes back to the host computer via the smart key. Related People can also an allotted RFID key to unlock, which solves the managing problems, confidentiality and convenience issues.

Main features:
• Easy to install, easy to operate;
• Padlock locking ring components are assemble by the lock ring and watertight cap. Watertight cap is used to prevent vertical rain drop or dust entering the lock body;
• Fully sealed coded lock cylinder, all the locks are made from the rust-proof materials, has benefits as waterproof, dustproof, anti-condensation, corrosion, impact, durable, flexible, easy to install, firm, etc.; Waterproof, dustproof level can be up to IP67;
• For locks of fire escape doors in high-pressure chamber, security equipment room, spare parts room, cable room door, they meet the fire prevention safety requirements, under any circumstances, people are able to manually open the lock inside, fled the scene of the fire;
• Locks can adapt to various modes of operation within the substation, in an emergency it can unlock unlocking operation by mechanical key;
• Use the function of identifying the code without source;
• Meet the environmental requirements indoor and outdoor;
• Function of unique encoding;
• Long life, can be used more than 10 years without refueling.
VI Administrator Workstation
Administrator workstation is configurated in the higher authorities which has security management of smart.( eg: control center, substation management, substation, centralized control center, etc.). System administrators can set or change staff’s privileges through the LAN; Safety inspectors can check and summarize unlocking records.
The system can manage a variety of doors and equipment in the device area, office area, living area. Protection cubicle: try best to achieve locking by connecting rod, change lock core to lock; terminal box; use a padlock or knob lock; fire escape doors in high-pressure chamber, cable room doors and other high-voltage cables places; change lock core to lock;
1) Locking solution in equipment area
Equipment area using padlocks, room door locks, cabinet locks of secondary equipment, terminal box / door locks and other locks to lock the various types of high-pressure chamber door, master room door, the security room door, cable layer door, communication room door, safety equipment room door, monitor room doors, protective cabinet doors, DC panel doors, measuring screen doors, assemble controlling doors, capacitor web portal, terminal box door, mechanism box door, frame ladder doors and all kinds of manual operating mechanism, along with other devices which are not included.

Padlock is mainly used for access door which are not mounting locks (such as: various types of high-pressure chamber door, cockpit door, the security room door, safety equipment room door, communication room door), for various types of equipment cabinet doors (eg: terminal box, mechanism box, frame ladder) and all kinds of manual operating mechanism locking device. It manages other devices which are not included.

Room door lock is for important areas of access door (such as: various types of high-pressure chamber door, cockpit door, the security room door, safety equipment room door, communication room door). Secondary equipment cabinet door lock is for secondary latching device (such as: protective cabinet doors, monitoring cabinet doors, DC panel doors, communication device door, measuring screen doors and so on).The door locks of terminal box and mechanism box are used for their locking and manage other devices which are not included.